• Jan 20, 2017
  • by Tina Saylee

                   Good & Bad Fruits

  • Luke 6:43-45

Our attitude towards circumstances should be to trust God (Luke 6:20-26)

  • Our attitude towards others should be love. (Luke 6:27-38)
  • Our attitude towards ourselves should be honesty. (Luke 6:39-45)

 “For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.” - Luke 6:45


Being honest with ourselves begins with looking to the sin in our own life before we point the finger to somebody else. You cannot help somebody else with their sin if you are blind to your own sins. It is only when you remove the plank from your own eye, that you become able to help others remove the speck from theirs.



Figs tree, if they are well tended and taken care of, can produce fruits for over hundreds of years. If you make sure good words and edifying words proceed from your mouth, you may be producing fruits for hundreds of years to come even after you are dead and in heaven. 

Fig trees does not have any visible blossoms. It is because the blossoms are inverted and grow and develop inside the fruit. In CHRIST, this is how we produce fruit also. Fruit results of inward change that is unseen by any human eye.

The Bramble Bush (Luke 6:44)

Bramble bush throws long and strong arching stems across huge tracts of lands. Plumb colored branches cover in soft, gray down are filled with rich green leaves. When it blossoms, the bramble brings forth rosy flowers that develop red, ripe fruit. Can’t easily pick that fruit, leaves have serrated edges cut into fine teeth.


Determines the type of fruits you produce.

  • Fig trees grow on figs trees
  • Grapes grow on grapevines

But neither can be picked from thorns or bramble bushes.


“You will know them by their fruits” – Matthew 7:16


What is fruit? It is the words, not the work. Our words reveal our heart, listen to your own words first, when you speak to others, and when you pray. Take time and listen carefully to the things you speak of and the things you pray for, are you praying for others or just yourself? What fruits are your words bearing in your life?

I use these questions to correct myself, control my tongue and look deep into the words I speak and the prayers that I pray to my heavenly father, it has helped me a lot. To have control over your tongue is powerful, silence is wisdom as well. Allow your words to inspire and draw others closer to God, to see the light in you. Your words can change or damage a person life, for now on practice speaking blessings in your life, others around you, and your Heavenly Father will be please and teach you great and mighty things to help his children in this world.